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Listen to free music online on! On this website you can hear your favorite songs, artists and albums through different categories for free. You can search and listen to the top 10 songs and find the latest music hits, new albums releases and everything you need to know about your favorite artists. All the information are pulled from the itunes API and the MP3 songs are played from, all legally and without copyright infringement. You can create an account and meet new friends who shares your interests, build your own Youtube tracks playlist and share it with the community. On the Billboard section, you can find the top 100 best songs of all times and then search them in our search tool to listen the mp3 videos streams. There is also a radio section where you can find internet radio stations online from different country that streams live. Let's take a look at the playlists tab to see the other members's mp3 tracks playlists and then just hit play to hear the music streaming. Finally, all the latest artists news, new albums releases and the likes can be found in the music news section. Do not hesitate to contact us for feedback, comments and suggestions or to report a dead link. The best hits of 2014 are waiting for you, we wish you a good free music videos stream time and we hope you will enjoy this website!.